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For more information, please see the Group Order Information Note. You can place your order via the form below or directly through SurveyMonkey.

Last order deadline:


If your order includes either product 1- Special Edition mask or product 5- UHC Umbrella pin, the entire order must be submitted by 22 October; and


If your order does not include products 1 or 5 (i.e., only product 2- Simple Edition mask, 3- UHC Umbrella mask, or 4- UHC Umbrella sticker), your order deadline is 2 November.

1. Special Edition mask

Mask and fabric spec: 3Ply, 4-layer fabric* (4 way stretch breathable, ES non-woven fabric & cotton fabric mid-layers, cotton chambray with inside pocket for filter), non-medical, reusable, washable, full coverage.

2. Simple Edition mask

Mask and fabric spec: 2 Ply, 3-layer fabric*, including cotton insert (polyester interior & exterior with a non-woven liner), non-medical, reusable, washable, dimensional.

3. UHC Umbrella Mask

Mask and fabric spec: 2 Ply, 2-layer fabric**(a polyester exterior & a cotton interior), non-medical, hygiene use, reusable, washable, flat, 4-1/2 x 7inch size.

4. UHC Umbrella sticker

UHC umbrella sticker with ‘UHC Day’ text

5. UHC Umbrella pin

UHC umbrella pin with butterfly enclosure pin

* Non-medical fabric masks in line with WHO’s recommendation

**Non-medical fabric masks in line with CDC’s recommendation

Please follow recommendation from your local authority for wearing masks in different settings and conditions.

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Stand in Solidarity

Create your own campaign materials using the UHC Day branding to stand in solidarity with the global movement.


UHC Day logos are copyright-free and designed for public use. As long as the logo is used in accordance with the UHC umbrella brand guidelines, it does not require approval

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