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Use the UHC Day logo and branding to create your own digital and print materials in solidarity with the global movement.

Campaign Masks


This UHC Day, masks will not only be key to fighting COVID-19, but also a powerful symbol of solidarity with the #HealthForAll movement.


Although the deadline has passed to participate in the group merchandise order, we have provided three different design options below for you and your organization to produce your own reusable, non-medical fabric face masks this UHC Day.


Generally speaking, the more complicated the design, the higher the production cost will be, so we have included a range of designs to fit your organization’s capacity. Production and shipping of merchandise may face delays due to the pandemic, so be sure to order as early as possible to get your masks by UHC Day.


Please note that no approval is required to produce masks using these design files. We simply ask that you follow the UHC umbrella brand guidelines for your design. You are also welcome to use the logos and branding at the bottom of this page to create designs of your own.

Design Option 1

This design is intended to cover the entirety of the mask, and is customizable to include your organization’s logo.

Design Option 2

This design covers less of the mask, but still allows space for your organization’s logo on the bottom or side.

Design Option 3

This design is intended as a single-color stamp, with limited room for customization.

Guidelines on Fabric Masks

The World Health Organization advises that non-medical fabric masks should comprise three layers:

  1. The inner layer that comes in contact with the face should be a hydrophilic (water-absorbent) fabric, like cotton 
  2. The middle layer should be a hydrophobic (water-repellent) non-woven fabric, ideally polypropylene 
  3. The exterior layer should be a hydrophobic (water-repellent) fabric, such as a synthetic material like polyester 


Read here for detailed WHO mask guidelines. There may be different guidelines and/or restrictions in your jurisdiction (e.g., see CDC guidelines) – please follow recommendations from your local authority on the production of non-medical fabric masks.


You are also encouraged to use the logos and brand guidelines below below and this year’s theme – Protect Everyone – to create your own digital or printed materials for this UHC Day.

If you create your own branded UHC Day materials, remember to take a picture and share on social media using the hashtags #UHCDay and #HealthForAll!


UHC Day logos are copyright-free and designed for public use. As long as the logo is used in accordance with the UHC umbrella brand guidelines, it does not require approval.

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