Campaign Toolkit

Use the messages, graphics and resources in this toolkit to support your advocacy efforts in the lead up to 12 December. Stand with the movement and show your solidarity by proudly displaying the UHC umbrella.

12.12: Take Action

Spotlight the promises that have been made: The most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration in history only means something if people know about it. This UHC Day, highlight what your country promised at the HLM, and why we need to follow through.

Get leaders on the record, and get specific: “Health for All” is much easier said than done. This 12.12, clarify where your leaders stand. Host a public rally, engage media or invite policymakers to speak – and demand to know what changes they will make for your community, and when.

Make sure the right voices are in the room: We can’t change the system without changing whose voices take priority. Use your platforms to meaningfully engage health workers, young people and communities whose rights, needs and experiences have been sidelined for too long.

Invest in allies, new and old: Find a UHC Day activity happening near you and show up; reach out to fellow civil society groups and see how you can support each other; build strong, diverse partnerships that will support the movement long after 12 December.

Join the Conversation

Primary Hashtags: #HealthForAll #UHCDay

Secondary Hashtag: #KeepThePromise

Handles: @UN @UHC2030 @CSOs4UHC @WHO @UHC_Day

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Tell your country: Keep the Promise

Click the dropdown option for a tweet that can be shared to tell your country to Keep the Promise of #HealthForAll. Download the accompanying graphic to share along with your country’s tweet or customize with your own message.

In September, committed to achieve #HealthForAll. It’s time to #KeepThePromise. #UHCDay

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Customize the 12.12 advocacy letter and share with your leader – demand that they keep the promise of #HealthForAll!


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Campaign messages have been formatted for social media, but we encourage you to adapt them for your own needs and audiences.

Keep the Promise

Download the Keep the Promise graphic in: ArabicChineseEnglishSpanishFrenchRussian

On 23 September, all @UN Member States came together to sign the most ambitious & comprehensive political declaration on health in history. This #UHCDay, let’s call on our leaders to #KeepthePromise.

Every country is on the record committing to #HealthForAll. We have only one message for them: #KeepthePromise. #UHCDay

Enough talk. This #UHCDay, we must Keep the Promise of #HealthForAll.

Universal health coverage is a nation’s promise to its people. It’s time that leaders kept their word. #UHCDay

No one, anywhere, should go bankrupt to get the health services they need. Period. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

210M people worldwide must spend >25% of their household budget to get the health services they need. No one should have to choose between health & other necessities. #HealthForAll #KeepThePromise

At least half of the world’s population lack access to essential health services. This is unacceptable. #KeepthePromise of #HealthForAll, everywhere. #UHCDay

We have made the case for universal health coverage ethically, economically and politically. Now is the time to deliver on that promise. #UHCDay #HealthForAll

Ensure Political Leadership Beyond Health

Download the graphic

Health is a human right that too many people are waiting for. When will leaders keep the promise of #HealthForAll? #UHCDay

At the #HLMUHC, leaders agreed that universal health coverage is the responsibility of the entire government. Now, they must Keep the Promise. #HealthForAll

#UHCDay Reminder: We can’t Keep the Promise of #HealthforAll w/out addressing social, economic & environmental determinants of health.

#KeepthePromise: Increase investment in #PrimaryHealthCare by at least 1% of GDP. #UHCDay #HealthForAll

Leave No One Behind

Download the graphic

This #UHCDay, we have one message: #KeepThePromise of strong, equitable health systems that #LeaveNoOneBehind. #HealthForAll

No matter your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability or citizenship, #HealthForAll means all people can get the health services they need, w/out discrimination or financial hardship. #HealthForAll

In the fight for #HealthForAll, we must put the needs of the poorest & most marginalized groups first, not last. #LeaveNoOneBehind #UHCDay

#KeepThePromise to measure what matters: to #LeaveNoOneBehind, countries must count everyone. #HealthForAll

Regulate & Legislate

Download the graphic

.@UN Member States: we have not forgotten your unanimous promise to address legal barriers and harmful social, traditional & cultural norms in achieving #HealthForAll. Now is your time to #KeepthePromise. #UHCDay

To secure #HealthForAll, we must build accountable & transparent institutions that can fight corruption and ensure social justice. #UHCDay

On #UHCDay, we demand strong regulatory systems that ensure medical products people can afford and trust. #HealthForAll

To #KeepthePromise of #HealthforAll, legislators must promote the responsible use of emerging technologies. This means stronger legislations that prioritize public safety & privacy over profit. #UHCDay

Uphold Quality of Care

Download the graphic

Leaders have agreed that quality & access must go hand-in-hand. Our response? Keep the Promise. #HealthForAll #UHCDay 

#PrimaryHealthCare can provide people with the right care, at the right time, right in their communities – and it’s one of the best ways to help people lead a healthy life.

Improving #PrimaryHealthCare goes beyond employing health workers. To achieve #HealthForAll by 2030, we must support frontline caregivers at all levels of education, training, employment & retention. #UHCDay

How do we achieve #HealthForAll? Stop chronic under-investment in the health workforce and employ 9 million additional nurses and midwives by 2030. #UHCDay #KeepthePromise

Invest More, Invest Better

Download the graphic

Investing in #HealthforAll means investing in the capacity of policymakers, researchers, practitioners & health workers: the backbones of strong health systems. #KeepthePromise #UHCDay

Dear world leaders: #KeepthePromise to strengthen health systems by increasing domestic public financing. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

On #UHCDay, we demand that leaders #KeepthePromise to cut down out-of-pocket health expenses by increasing domestic financing for public health. #HealthforAll

Investing in a population’s health pays dividends to entire countries. #HealthforAll is not only the right choice, but the smart choice. #UHCDay #KeepthePromise

Move Together

Download the graphic

Integrating the knowledge and experiences of communities and practitioners is essential for leaders to deliver on their commitments to #HealthforAll. #KeepthePromise. 

Achieving #HealthforAll is only possible when the right stakeholders are engaged. This means leveraging the strengths of civil society, the private sector, academia, local communities & health practitioners. #UHCDay

This September, @UN Member States committed to providing 1 billion more people with quality, affordable health services by 2023. To achieve this, we must have meaningful participation and leadership from all stakeholders. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

Leaders have spoken: Universal health coverage is everyone’s business. This #UHCDay, we need to see collective action to Keep the Promise of #HealthForAll.

Gender Equality

Download the graphic

Ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women & girls is foundational to #HealthforAll. We’ve heard the talk. Now let’s see the action. #UHCDay #KeepthePromise

According to @WHO, 70% of the health and social workforce is comprised of women often in unpaid or underpaid positions. This is unacceptable. On #UHCDay, we demand investments in gender parity on the road to #HealthForAll.

On #UHCDay, we demand that world leaders #KeepthePromise to promote #genderequality when designing, implementing and monitoring health policies. This means taking into account the specific needs and rights of women and girls.

Women make up 70% of the health & social workforce globally, but they are woefully underrepresented in leadership roles. Dismantling gender inequality requires a collective commitment from all sectors of society. #UHCDay #HealthForAll

In 2019, every health system should be gender-responsive. We must meet the unique health needs of all genders to truly #LeaveNoOneBehind on the path to #HealthForAll. #UHCDay

According to @WHO, 70% of the health and social workforce is comprised of women often in unpaid or underpaid positions. This is unacceptable. On #UHCDay, we demand investments in gender parity on the road to #HealthForAll.

Quote Graphics

Member States

Sheikh Hasina • Prime Minister, Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Salome Zourabichvili • President, Georgia 🇬🇪
Narendra Modi • Prime Minister, India 🇮🇳
Narendra Modi • Prime Minister, India 🇮🇳
Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. • President, Republic of Palau 🇵🇼
Pedro Sánchez • Prime Minister, Spain 🇪🇸
Luiz Henrique Mandetta • Minister of Health, Brazil 🇧🇷
Ekaterine Tikaradze • Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia 🇬🇪
Gerd Müller • Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany 🇩🇪
Kwaku Agyeman-Manu • Minister of Health, Republic of Ghana 🇬🇭
Veronika Skvortsova • Minister of Health of the Russian Federation 🇷🇺
Anutin Charnvirakul • Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Public Health, Thailand 🇹🇭
Adela Raz • Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the UN 🇦🇫
Ishikane Kimihiro • Permanent Representative of Japan to the UN; Chair of the Group of Friends of UHC and Global Health 🇯🇵
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus • World Health Organization
Achim Steiner • United Nations Development Programme
María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés • President of the 73rd UN General Assembly
Gro Harlem Brundtland • The Elders
Muhammad Pate • World Bank; Global Financing Facility
Ilona Kickbusch • UHC2030
Githinji Gitahi • Amref Health Africa; UHC2030
Amy Boldosser-Boesch • Management Sciences for Health; Civil Society Engagement Mechanism for UHC2030
Ann Keeling • Women in Global Health
Arnaud Bernaert • World Economic Forum
Asha George • Health Systems Global
Chris Elias • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Crystal Lander • Living Goods
Daniel Maceira • Health Systems Global
Fadi El-Jardali • Health Systems Global
George Osei-Bimpeh • SEND-Ghana
Itai Rusike • Community Working Group on Health, Zimbabwe
Judy Kuriansky • International Association of Applied Psychology
Katherine Bond • US Pharmacopeia
Katja Iversen • Women Deliver
Lola Dare • CHESTRAD Global
Lenio Capsaskis • Save the Children, UK
Marion Subah • Last Mile Health
Nancy Northup • The Center for Reproductive Rights
Naveen Rao • The Rockefeller Foundation
Roopa Dhatt • Women in Global Health
Shariha Khalid Erichsen • Mission & Co.
Sutapa Biswas • Cancer Foundation of India
Tom R. Muyunga-Mukasa • Advocacy Network Africa
Vicky T. Okine • Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights

Stand in Solidarity

Add the UHC Day umbrella to your own campaign materials to stand in solidarity with the global movement.


UHC Day logos are copyright-free and designed for public use. As long as the logo is used in accordance with the UHC umbrella brand guidelines, it does not require approval

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