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The countdown to UHC Day 2020 has begun! This 12 December, join the movement calling for strong health systems that Protect Everyone – now.

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This year’s UHC Day will be unlike any other. While many of us will need to find new ways to organize in the midst of a global pandemic, we have no doubt that UHC advocates around the world will find a way to rise to the occasion.


Whether or not you are organizing your own activity, developing multimedia content or joining the conversation on social media, there is one thing that we want everyone to do together this year on 12.12 itself.

Join the #ProtectEveryone Virtual Rally on 12.12

WHAT: This year’s UHC Day campaign will culminate in a 24-hour virtual rally on 12 December. While our UHC activism may look different due to COVID, we can show that our movement is still here and here to stay.


WHEN: 12.12 UHC Day, across the 24-hours in your timezone


WHERE: All over the world, flooding the hashtag #ProtectEveryone on social media. Participants will have the opportunity to be spotlighted in a special crowdsourced digital gallery that will live on beyond the day itself.


HOW: There are three easy ways to join the #ProtectEveryone virtual rally based on what is most exciting and feasible for you. No matter how you choose to engage, make sure to get your colleagues, family, friends and networks involved, and share your engagement with the hashtag #ProtectEveryone.


Note: Content tagged with #ProtectEveryone may be featured in the UHC Day gallery and communications materials.
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Make a virtual rally “sign” inspired by the Protect Everyone theme, take a picture and post it on 12.12 using the #ProtectEveryone hashtag. As long as it is something visual, we encourage creative interpretations! This could be anything from a family creating “rally posters” with advocacy messages, to an organization filming a short video about what health care should look like in their community, to an individual creating an artistic representation of COVID-19’s impact on the world this year.


Note: In addition to posting on 12.12, if you finish your sign or artpiece early and would like the chance for it to be featured on the UHC Day microsite on 12.12 you can also email it in advance to
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Tell the world our movement is here to stay. Take a selfie in a face mask or using this year’s custom #ProtectEveryone social media materials and then post a message on 12.12 calling on world leaders to Protect Everyone. You can include messages to your local and regional policymakers asking them to prioritize UHC, notes of support for health workers, reflections on what it means for health systems to #ProtectEveryone, and much more!

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Following local social distancing guidelines, hit the streets on 12.12 in any way you can in the spirit of Health for All solidarity. Bring a face mask and take a short ~5 second video or selfie of yourself walking, running, or however you are able to be active. Post it on social media with a message on why you’re moving to raise awareness of the need to #ProtectEveryone. If you do better with a goal, try getting in 2,030 steps (about 25-30 minutes of movement) in honor of world leaders’ commitment to achieve Health for All by 2030.

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Join the conversation

Check out social media highlights on UHC Day and join the conversation using the hashtags #HealthForAll, #UHCDay and #ProtectEveryone!

Spotlight: COVID-19 Solidarity Shows

Earlier this year, Create2030 – an artist-led initiative working to accelerate progress toward the SDGs – collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to curate the #SolidarityShows Art Gallery. The initiative highlights contributions from the creative community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The UHC community is honored to partner with this initiative to spotlight their artwork from around the world in the spirit of the #ProtectEveryone rally, and encourages you to support artists by:

    • Purchasing or licensing their work;
    • Promoting their leadership and responsible engagement in the Health For All movement as individuals uniquely affected by barriers to health services and creative thinkers driving critical health and development solutions.
    • Advocating for health systems that #ProtectEveryone – including artists and others working in the informal sector. Click to Tweet.

Co-curators: Lisa Russell (Emmy-winning filmmaker and Founder Create2030) and Christopher Bailey (WHO Lead, Arts and Health)

Partner Content Highlights

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.08.14 PM

2020 Report: Caught in the COVID-19 storm: women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health in the context of UHC and the SDGs

Independent Accountability Panel for Every Woman Every Child
Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.16.02 PM

Progress Report: Protect the Progress: Rise, Refocus and Recover

EWEC Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health

Stories from Civil Society on Protecting Everyone

Civil Society Engagement Mechanism for UHC2030

CSEM Spotlight: Civil Society COVID-19 Response to Protect Everyone