Youth Engagement

Young people make up a significant portion of the world's population. Their voices are a crucial part of discussions about the future of health systems they will live within their communities.

UHC is about imagining a better future where everyone can access quality healthcare without financial hardship. Building equitable health systems requires we give young people a chance to be architects of their future and make sure their voices are heard. Incorporating adolescents and youth is critical to building equitable health systems. 


Building strong healthcare systems is an investment in the future. Now is the time to create a world where health coverage reaches everyone, where a standard exists to see that no one faces financial hardship from seeking the care they need at any point in their lives.

  • Lack of affordable, quality health care traps people, communities, and nations in poverty. Research shows that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half a billion people were pushed into extreme poverty because of out-of-pocket health costs.  

  • A strong UHC movement joins the larger conversation around equity and society. The movement wants to create a system where everyone can have a healthy future.  

Health is part of several critical conversations of our modern times. The intersection of health across other issue areas is crucial in making healthy futures for all, whether it be the climate crisis, displacement and migration, LGBTQI+ identity, sexual health and reproductive rights, and mental health. 


Youth Competition

Looking to get involved in this year’s UHC Day campaign? Join the youth competition! 



The competition is designed to have three packages, each containing activities in which young people can participate to be eligible for the prize designated for that category. Everyone who completes the activities in the first action package will receive the prize, but for action packages 2 and 3, participants will enter a draw for the prize. The competition is open to both individuals and groups.

Please visit the UHC Day Youth Competition document for complete information about how the competition works. You will also find a series of guidelines to support you in taking the actions outlined in the action packages.

Please also read the submission guidelines before submitting your activities 
via this form. The deadline to submit your activities is 7 December, 2022.


Youth Resources

To engage with this year’s youth competition and to participate in UHC activities all year-round, please use the resources below.