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Transform Health

December 12, 2023

Transform Health is organising a Tweetathon on #UHCDay 2023!

#UHCDay, observed on 12th December annually, is a global day of action and annual rallying point for the global movement for #HealthForAll!

Transform Health is organising a Tweetathon on 12th December, between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm CET, to:
πŸ‘‰ Amplify the critical role of #digitalhealth to achieve #HealthForAll
πŸ‘‰ Hear the perspectives and experiences of various stakeholders on this topic
πŸ‘‰ Underscore needed action to fully harness #digitalhealth to help achieve #UHC by 2030

πŸ—£ Questions and timeline
12:00 PM CET | Q1
What role can technology and the digital transformation of health play in achieving Universal Health Coverage?

12:05 PM CET | Q2
How can digital tools help address health disparities and ensure that marginalised populations have equitable access to healthcare services?

12:10 PM CET | Q3
What are the key challenges hindering digital health from being fully leveraged to accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage, and how can we overcome them?

12:15 PM CET | Q4
What actions and changes should be prioritised by governments to better harness digital health to advance Universal Health Coverage?

12:20 PM CET | Q5
What role can partners (e.g. donors, technical agencies, NGOs and private sectors) play to support countries to digitally enable their health system to achieve UHC?

How to engage:
πŸ”΅ Follow Transform Health on LinkedIn or X and amplify our new blog and video that will be launched on UHC Day
πŸ”΅ On the day of the Tweetathon, Transform Health will post the questions at the times indicated. We encourage you to respond from your organisation’s official account in the thread/comments or re-tweet/re-post the original question with your response
πŸ”΅ Use relevant hashtags – proposed hashtags to use: #UHCDay #HealthForAll #UHC #UniversalHealthCoverage #UHC2030
πŸ”΅ Tag other accounts – proposed handles to tag: @UHC_Day, @UHC2030, @CSOs4UHC, @UN, @WHO, @WBG_Health, @OECD_Social


Geneva, Switzerland + Google Map