People’s Health Movement Tanzania

People’s Health Movement Tanzania is organising a march for UHC Day through Dar es Salaam City on 12th December 2018. This march will be co-sponsored by the Global UHC Coalition Partner’s in Tanzania (PHM Tanzania and Hubert Kairuki Memorial University Students’ Association). We have confirmed that a representative from the Ministry of Health will kick off the march with remarks about the importance of citizen voices advocating for political action for UHC. At the end of the march, participants will hear from local political and community leaders and representatives of health NGOs. Everyone from the local public to high-level politicians and community leaders will be invited. This event presents a great opportunity to increase awareness of UHC, but one challenge will be ensuring that the increased awareness will reach the audiences that need the greatest awareness – the political leaders.

The intended outcome of our march is to increase public awareness of UHC, but also to make politicians and high-level individuals aware of the level of citizen support for UHC. We wish to use the growing momentum around UHC to pressure the government into taking substantial steps toward implementing affordable and improved healthcare for all.