International Universal Health Coverage Day

12 December

UHC Day 2023: Health for All: Time for Action

On 12 December 2023, campaigners and advocates worldwide mobilized on UHC Day to call for strong, equitable health systems that leave no one behind. Building on momentum from the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage held in September 2023, campaigners called on leaders around the world to act on their commitments to #HealthForAll.


With 110+ events in 39 countries, 540+ pieces of media, 14 government pledges, 89 champion messages, and 300+ advocacy letter downloads from 45 countries, UHC Day 2023 marked an exciting milestone for the UHC community.


For a full recap of the UHC Day 2023 campaign, including activity and event highlights, social and digital metrics and future considerations, check out the UHC Day 2023 Campaign Report.

UHC Day 2023 Champions

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2022 UHC Day Champions

#Sport4Health: A message from professional footballers for UHC Day 2022

Footballers and WHO Goodwill Ambassadors Didier Drogba and Allison Becker share a message for UHC Day 2022.

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We rally every 12 December to ensure that everyone, everywhere, can get the health services they need without financial hardship. Find out why.


Recommended reading for any UHC advocate. Learn about the principles that unite the movement, the reality of health systems around the world and the commitments that leaders must act on.


Browse highlights from last year’s campaign activities to start getting ready for 12.12.23.


Explore the social media toolkit for messages, graphics and resources to support your advocacy for #HealthForAll.


The UHC Day campaign would not be possible without the generous support and funding from our partners.


If you or your organization are committed to achieving #HealthForAll and would like to help contribute to the campaign, please contact For more information on what your contributions would support, see here.