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Use the messages, graphics and resources from the UHC Day 2020 toolkit to support your advocacy for #HealthForAll. 2021 campaign toolkit coming soon!

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Click the dropdown menu for a tweet that can be shared to tell your country leaders to invest in #HealthForAll to protect everyone. Download the accompanying graphic to share along with the below tweet or customize with your own message.

This #UHCDay, I call on to invest in health systems that protect everyone - now. #HealthForAll.

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Suggested Messages

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All people have a right to quality health services without fear of financial hardship or discrimination. Leaders can and must reach everyone based on need, not ability to pay, with services free at point of use.

On this #UHCDay, the message is clear:


Everyone, everywhere has a right to quality health services without fear of financial hardship or discrimination. #HealthForAll

During a pandemic and always, lifesaving care should never just go to the highest bidders.

#COVID19 vaccines must be free and accessible to everyone, prioritized for those most at risk. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

At least 1/2 of the ๐ŸŒŽโ€™s population lacks access to essential health services.


If everyone could get the promotive, preventative, curative, rehabilitative & palliative services they needed, the story of 2020 would be very different. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

Make no mistake: we cannot #ProtectEveryone without comprehensive #SRHR for all.


Yet in #COVID19 & always, essential health care for women, girls and marginalized groups is too often overlooked – or worse, deliberately cut back. #HealthForAll

Even before #COVID19, 100 million people were pushed into poverty each year because of health costs. We canโ€™t go back to the status quo. We must invest in health systems that protect everyone โ€“ NOW. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

1 in 10 people globally have a mental illness and studies show that #COVID19 is causing โฌ†๏ธ levels of anxiety, depression & psychological distress. Health systems that #ProtectEveryone must include affordable, accessible #MentalHealth services for all. #UHCDay

#HealthForAll is not wishful thinking. Leaders can and must reach everyone based on need, not ability to pay, with services free at the point of use.


Our lives depend on it. #UHCDay

The moments when people and economies are hurting the most are precisely the moments to invest more and smarter in high quality health systems that protect lives and livelihoods, starting with strong primary health care in every community.

Dear world leaders: healthy economies start with healthy societies. We refuse to choose between our lives and our livelihoods. Invest in policies and #HealthSystems that #ProtectEveryone now. #HealthForAll

An emergency is not the time to stall investments in public health. Just the opposite.


As we respond to #COVID19, countries must invest more and invest better in strong health systems to #ProtectEveryone – during and after the pandemic. #UHCDay

Strong #PrimaryHealthCare can provide people with the quality care they need, right in their communities, in crisis and calm.


The world must invest in PHC as the foundation of #HealthForAll and recovery from #COVID19.

#COVID19 has interrupted essential services for immunizations, infectious & chronic diseases, maternal health and more, putting millions at risk.


Better investments in resilient health systems will ensure a crisis doesn’t derail progress ever again. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

Investments in health R&D are wasted if #HealthSystems canโ€™t deliver the new innovations – including a #COVID19 vaccine. #HealthForAll is only possible when everyone, everywhere, has equitable access to the services & care they need.

Investments in health systems are also investments in essential public health functions necessary to address #COVID19. #HealthForAll requires robust financial support for proper sanitation, contact tracing, education, surveillance, and other core health needs. #UHCDay

This crisis has magnified whatโ€™s at stake when people lose trust in their leaders and public systems. Governments must be accountable to the people, and responsible for building health and social systems that protect everyone.

Every country around the world committed to the landmark 2019 UN Political Declaration on universal health coverage, and itโ€™s time for us to hold our leaders accountable. This #UHCDay, letโ€™s make our voices heard. Our lives and our futures depend on it.

This #UHCDay, itโ€™s clearer than ever that leaders have a responsibility to:

โœ… Listen to science
โœ… Address misinformation and alleviate fear
โœ… Act on evidence to meet the needs of all people



#COVID19 has magnified whatโ€™s at stake when people lose trust in their leaders & public systems. Governments must be accountable to the people, and responsible for building health & social systems that #ProtectEveryone. #HealthForAll

To achieve #HealthForAll, we must demand that our leaders build accountable & transparent institutions that can fight corruption and ensure social justice. #UHCDay

Data should tell governments what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.


Leaders must invest in the availability, quality and use of data for health decision-making that counts us all. #HealthForAll #UHCDay

Health for All is not a long-term wish, but an urgent priority to end this crisis and build a safer, healthier future for all. People and communities who have been historically marginalized must come first, and belong wherever decisions are being made.

For decades, gaps have been growing within & between countries in access to health, education and opportunity.


#COVID19 is exacerbating these injustices. We must prioritize the most marginalized in the pandemic response to build a more equitable future. #HealthForAll

A true #HealthForAll movement challenges unequal power dynamics and ensures that those who have a stake in policy and programs drive decision-making.


Decolonize global health to shape health systems that #ProtectEveryone. #UHCDay

Discrimination has no place in a health system. No matter your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability or citizenship, #HealthForAll means *everyone* can get the health services they need. #UHCDay

The amount of money you have shouldnโ€™t determine how healthy you are. #HealthForAll breaks the link between health & wealth. It reduces financial barriers to care, advancing economic and racial justice. #UHCDay

#COVID19 has exacerbated existing health disparities that minority racial and ethnic groups face on a daily basis. #HealthForAll requires that marginalized communities have an equitable stake & equal representation in research, policy, and decision-making. #UHCDay

Thereโ€™s no โ€œuniversalโ€ in UHC until it centers women and girls throughout the process & rejects gender blind policies. #UHCDay

Your job should not determine your access to health care.


#HealthForAll includes people working in the informal sector – such as freelancers, artists, day laborers, vendors and migrant workers.We must include them in health decision-making and #ProtectEveryone.

We cannot achieve #HealthForAll if โ€œweโ€ doesnโ€™t represent all people that health systems are meant to serve. To #LeaveNoOneBehind, leaders must meaningfully engage communities & civil society in all decisions.

Health workers are the backbone of the health system and have been on the frontlines of COVID-19 from the start. Countries owe them the resources, protection and fair compensation they need to save lives and livelihoods, without jeopardizing their own.

Health workers are the backbone of health systems. They deserve more than applause.


We owe them the resources, protection, & pay they need to save lives, without jeopardizing their own. #ProtectEveryone #UHCDay

Women comprise 70% of the health and social workforce, but are often unpaid or underpaid.


This is unacceptable. We canโ€™t achieve #HealthForAll until the people who take care of us are taken care of.

Primary health providers, such as nurses, midwives and community health workers, strive to close gaps in health care every day. By bringing care directly to the people that need it most, they are critical partners driving #HealthForAll. Thank you, health workers!

A COVID-19 response that prioritizes health care workers includes:


๐Ÿ’‰ Ensuring they are 1st in line for treatment and a future vaccine
๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ Providing adequate training and capacity building
๐Ÿ’ถ Paying them fairly


#HealthForAll means supporting our carers.

2021 is the International Year of Health and Care Workers. Long before COVID-19 these frontline caregivers have led the charge for #HealthForAll. Making sure they have the education, training and resources they need is the best thank you the world can give them. #UHCDay

Universal health coverage is a national goal, but we are all in this fight together. Collaboration across countries, issue areas and sectorsโ€”to share lessons learned, find common ground and mobilize a broad base of supportโ€”is the only way to reach our shared goal: Health for All.

The pandemic isnโ€™t over anywhere until itโ€™s over everywhere. We wonโ€™t come close without international cooperation. This #UHCDay and every day, we are all in this fight together. #HealthForAll

People everywhere have spoken: fix the system. Systemic change needs a system-wide response that centers health in all policies. This #UHCDay let us come together to reach our shared goal: #HealthForAll.

#HealthforAll is everyoneโ€™s business. Civil society, governments, the private sector, academia, local communities & health practitioners must work hand in hand, #Partnering4UHC to ensure no one is left behind this #UHCDay and every day going forward.

Silos divide us, but strong health systems protect us. Every issue that we care about โ€“ whether pandemic preparedness, NCDs, gender equality and more โ€“ must be rooted in #HealthForAll.


Collaborating across our communities will give us the best shot to #ProtectEveryone.

Over 180 countries have joined #COVAX to ensure equitable global vaccine delivery. #COVID19 shows us that even in the darkest times, focused cooperation across countries, sectors and issue areas is the only way to reach our shared goal: #HealthForAll

Champion Graphics

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus โ€ข World Health Organization
Githinji Gitahi โ€ข Amref Health Africa; UHC2030 Steering Committee
Ilona Kickbusch โ€ข UHC2030 Steering Committee
Marรญa Fernanda Espinosa โ€ข Political Adviser of the UHC2030 Movement
Dian Triansyah Djani โ€ข Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the UN
Enrique Austria Manalo โ€ข Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Philippines to the UN
Ishikane Kimihiro โ€ข Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN
Juan Ramรณn de la Fuente โ€ข Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN
Kaha Imnadze โ€ข Permanent Mission of Georgia to the UN
Martin Bille Hermann โ€ข Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN
Mitch Fifield โ€ข Permanent of Australia to the UN
Mohamed Edrees โ€ข Permanent Mission of Egypt to the UN
Nicolas de Riviรจre โ€ข Permanent Mission of France to the UN
Ronaldo Costa Filho โ€ข Permanent Mission of Brazil to the UN
Vitavas Srivihok โ€ข Permanent Mission of Thailand to the UN
Barbara Woodward โ€ข UK Mission to the UN
Amie Batson โ€ข WomenLift Health
Amy Boldosser-Boesch โ€ข Management Sciences for Health
Ann Gonsalvez โ€ข Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Chennai Chapter
Anubha Mahajan โ€ข Chronic Pain India
Bernard Christian Ndjock โ€ข Access Cameroon
Beth Tritter โ€ข Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI)
Carl Manlan โ€ข Ecobank Foundation
Chamrid Kpadonou โ€ข Speak Up Africa
Cheryl Cashin โ€ข Results for Development
Christian Ndjock โ€ข Oxygene Care Services
Debesh Das โ€ข Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRA)
Dele Fayemi โ€ข Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Nigeria
Eliana Monteforte โ€ข Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (CSEM)
Elizabeth Cousens โ€ข UN Foundation
Esther Njoroge-Muriithi โ€ข Smile Train
Evalin Karijo โ€ข Amref Health Africa
Githinji Gitahi โ€ข Amref Health Africa; UHC2030 Steering Committee
Henry Ulang โ€ข Wakefield Hospital
Ilona Kickbusch โ€ข UHC2030 Steering Committee
Itai Rusike โ€ข Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) – Zimbabwe
Jan Michael Densing โ€ข Hamad Medical Corporation
Johannes Trimmel โ€ข Sightsavers
Jovana Rรญos Cisnero โ€ข IPPF WHR
Justin Koonin โ€ข ACON (AIDS Council of New South Wales), UHC2030 Steering Committee
Katie Husselby โ€ข Action for Global Health
Khuat Thi Hai Oanh โ€ข SCDI Vietnam
Lloyd Nunag โ€ข UHC2030 CSEM
M. Shankar โ€ข DEEPS
Marรญa Fernanda Espinosa โ€ข Political Adviser of the UHC2030 Movement
Mark Jowell โ€ข Hamad Medical Corporation
Naveen Rao โ€ข The Rockefeller Foundation
Radha Karnad โ€ข Jhpiego
Robert Yates โ€ข The Centre for Universal Health, Chatham House
Rosemary Mburu โ€ข WACI Health
Smitha Santhakumari Sadasivan โ€ข Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Chennai, Disability Rights Alliance TN & CSEM AG for UHC 2030
Stephanie Williams โ€ข Ambassador for Regional Health Security, Australia
Anamaria Bejar โ€ข International Planned Parenthood Federation
Maziko Hisbon Matemba โ€ข Health and Rights Education Programme (HREP) Malawi
Emilia Saiz Carrancedo โ€ข United Cities and Local Government
Joy Phumaphi โ€ข UN Secretary-General’s Independent Accountability Panel
Dr. Gina Agiostratidou โ€ข The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
Akihito Watabe โ€ข UHC2030
Loyce Pace โ€ข Global Health Council
Gabriela Cuevas Barron โ€ข Mexican Congress
Maaya Wakasugi โ€ข Artiste Calligraphe
Akaninyene Obot โ€ข Ukana West 2 Community Based Health Initiative, Nigeria
Thoko Elphick-Pooley โ€ข Uniting to Combat NTDs
Vytenis Andriukaitis โ€ข Political Advisory Panel of the UHC 2030 Movement

Make your own champion graphic! Download the template here (.PPT) or here (.AI).

Stand in Solidarity

Add the UHC Day umbrella to your own campaign materials to stand in solidarity with the global movement.


UHC Day logos are copyright-free and designed for public use. As long as the logo is used in accordance with the UHC umbrella brand guidelines, it does not require approval

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Campaign Masks

Use the three different design options below to produce your own reusable, non-medical fabric face masks this UHC Day. Generally speaking, the more complicated the design, the higher the production cost will be, so we have included a range of designs to fit your organizationโ€™s capacity.


Please note that no approval is required to produce masks using these design files. We simply ask that you follow the UHC umbrella brand guidelines for your design. You are also welcome to use the logos and branding at the bottom of this page to create designs of your own.

Design Option 1

This design is intended to cover the entirety of the mask, and is customizable to include your organizationโ€™s logo.

Design Option 2

This design covers less of the mask, but still allows space for your organizationโ€™s logo on the bottom or side.

Design Option 3

This design is intended as a single-color stamp, with limited room for customization.

Guidelines on Fabric Masks

The World Health Organization advises that non-medical fabric masks should comprise three layers:

  1. The inner layer that comes in contact with the face should be a hydrophilic (water-absorbent) fabric, like cottonย 
  2. The middle layer should be a hydrophobic (water-repellent) non-woven fabric, ideally polypropyleneย 
  3. The exterior layer should be a hydrophobic (water-repellent) fabric, such as a synthetic material like polyesterย 


Read here for detailed WHO mask guidelines. There may be different guidelines and/or restrictions in your jurisdiction (e.g., see CDC guidelines) – please follow recommendations from your local authority on the production of non-medical fabric masks.


You are also encouraged to use the logos and brand guidelines below below and this year’s theme โ€“ Protect Everyone โ€“ to create your own digital or printed materials for this UHC Day.

Customizable Graphics