Share Your Plans

Tell us how your organization plans to take action on or leading up to UHC Day. Your activity will be featured on the heat map of global UHC Day activities.

No matter how you choose to show up for UHC Day, your participation counts.


Whether you plan to organize a virtual event, develop social media content, spotlight community stories or make a special announcement, let us know so that we can feature your plans on the global map and better tailor this year’s toolkit to your needs. Please plan your activity in accordance with your local government’s COVID-19 guidelines, and when in doubt, go virtual!

Please spell out any acronyms
If available, please share a link to your organization's social media channels so we can amplify your activity on UHC Day!
Please write a description of your activity exactly as you would like it to appear on the global directory of partner activities. Consider the following questions: What type of event is it? When will it be taking place? Who is involved? What are your main messages or topics?

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