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COVID-19 Frontlines Health Care Workers

Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc is a Global Humanitarian 501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization with consultative Status with United Nations. Our Mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that build local capacity in underserved community’s worldwide.

This year marks our second engaging year for the Universal Health Coverage Day Event. We will have a virtual Zoom Meeting linked to UHC DAY with the theme “COVID-19 Frontlines Health Care Workers” The intent for this virtual event will cover several agendas:

(1) Governments need to increase domestic investment and allocate more public financing for health through equitable and mandatory resources.
(2) Governments must improve efficiency and equity in the use of existing resources and reduce reliance on impoverishing out-of-pocket payments. Development assistance to health should reduce fragmentation and strengthen national health financing capacities.
(3) Governments around the world have expanded their control measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
(4) By 2021 Government should invest in an education, health, training and resources for HealthCare Workers as well as Caregivers

The event will be on December 12th, 2020 at 7-8am EST (US and Canada)
Participants will engage with interactive panelists on their topics.
Please register to attend this event:
Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 894 5525 2956
Passcode: 439216

We are grateful to have such panelists for the UHC Day
• Dr. Charlyn Hilliman Capella University Dean of Public Services Leadership
• Dr Ahmed Nigim ENT Specialist
• Dr Maryse Tonnerre HCRFF France Delegate
• Dr. Sachin Sinha , Associate Professor -DDCRC, Director – Indian Forum of Dental Skills
• Dr. Hemanth kumar Manikyam Director of Research & Development (Drug Discovery and Genomics) UN Volunteer
• Mr. Thomas F Huehn MLIS PBC Reference Librarian Focal Point Conference To UN HCRFF VP & Trustee