UHC Day 2020 Design Files

Hoping to customize this year’s UHC Day graphics for your local lanuage or context? You’re in luck! Please fill out the form and review the conditions below to receive downloadable design files.




The UHC Day campaign secretariat will share UHC Day campaign toolkit design files if you are keen to translate our materials into other UN or non-UN languages to use them in support of the UHC movement in your local context. Since we track partner organizations that have our design files and have made customizations, please keep these design files within your organization/network. If other organizations or governments wish to customize our original design files, please encourage them to submit a customization request separately.


When you customize graphics, please follow the branding guidelines of the International UHC Day. Please keep content approval- and copyright-free so these materials are shareable as public goods. If your organization prefers to add your own logo to show your contribution to translating materials, please feel free to do so, and articulate your contribution (e.g., "Translated/localized by XYZ"). If you are planning to share UHC Day campaign materials in English as-is (with no translation/no localization), please stick to using the materials in the toolkit to avoid duplicating content.


Once you have customized UHC Day materials, please kindly share them with us (contact info: campaign@uhcday.org). Please note that we may use and share your customized materials.