Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation

Our goal on 12 December 2019 is to remind and call on the government to continue the progress made in achieving its commitments on universal health coverage as a goal to attain the Sustainable Development Goals. We will hold a half day workshop for influential and lead journalists in print and electronic media, social media and blockers and impart them with the knowledge and importance of universal health coverage at the individual and country levels. Participants will be journalists drawn from print and electronic media, social media, people living with non-communicable diseases, civil society organizations on non-communicable diseases, community-based support groups and faith-based organizations. Accelerating the move towards UHC in Zambia will require strengthening the efficiency of the health system in providing the entire population with access to good quality services. On this day, we shall remind the government on the progress it has made on the implementations of the International, Regional and National commitments on UHC. By challenging the government to advance the UHC agenda through media advocacy, Zambia can make a sound investment in human capital as progress towards UHC is critical to promote equity, basic rights and human security in health and can lead to significant economic gains.


Location: Lusaka, Zambia


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