Updating Medicina del Lavoro

Updating Medicina del Lavoro will create an online article publications on our website available from 12 December 2019. We aim to make and share quality information in Italian and English about universal health coverage and UHC Day 2019, focusing especially on Key Ask 2 “Leave No One Behind” and Key Ask 4 “Uphold Quality of Care” from the UHC movement. As Updating Medicina del Lavoro was involved in the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC 2019 in New York and not a lot of other Italian entities participated in the event, it is important to share current information and data about UHC. We will also share materials from the official UHC Day website. Our target participants and audiences are healthcare workers,
occupational health professionals, students and the public.


Location: Siena, Italy


Learn more: https://updatingmdl.wordpress.com/