UHC Nagasaki

UHC Nagasaki is planning to organize an interactive interview with medical students, researchers in infectious diseases and NCDs at Nagasaki University, and hospital patients. The interviews will be conducted one week before UHC Day and digitalized and disseminated across the world using our social media platform. During the interviews, speakers will be asked to reflect on the role that Japan has played in shaping the modern face of UHC, and what young people envision for keeping the momentum. As we invite students of other sciences (i.e. economics, social sciences, etc.) they will help us to emphasize the multi-disciplinary nature of UHC. Our primary goal is to create awareness among medical and non-medical professionals, considering that Japan plays a crucial role in global implementation of the SDGs. We aim to educate the public and provide them an opportunity to communicate their concerns and give them a chance to be heard.


Location: Nagasaki, Japan


Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/UHCNagasaki/