South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association

South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association aims to contribute to generating understanding, awareness and grassroots demand for UHC to motivate policies and investments that truly aim to leave no one behind. Our event will be a capacity building workshop for not more than 50 nurses and midwives from across South Sudan on universal health coverage. Key messages and topics will address ensuring universal coverage in humanitarian context; preparing nurses and midwives to play a more meaningful role in addressing gender and GBV issues among survivors of gender based violence; and ensuring access to services in hard to reach and rural areas. Guest speakers will be invited from human rights organizations, UN agencies including WHO and UNFPA, NGO sector and community organizations The training session will conclude with nurses and midwives launching the “Nursing Now Campaign” and developing a plan of action on how they could take action to promote and ensure universal health coverage. The major challenge here will be the political stability of the country since the activity will take place few days after the allocated month for formation of the new government in the republic of South Sudan


Location: Juba, South Sudan


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