The Engineering Association for Development & Environment (EADE)

Our goal is to have community people who are ready to rescue people in the local community to save victims of accidents that may happen in roads, schools and other places in the city. The program will be implemented on 2/12/2019 through a one day training on first aid and conducted by two special doctors and one assistant nurse. 30 trainers and youth teachers (15 male-15 female) from different local schools in Mosul will be engaged in this program as participants and direct beneficiaries. The program will also include distribution of first aid kits (equipped bags) for each trainer to be used in their homes or when required for urgent cases in the community. The key message is that many victims are dead because many in society do no have the basic medical knowledge, especially teachers and cultured people. This program will give the opportunity for those teachers to have basic medical skills which will help in saving lives of people in the community.


Location: Mosul, Iraq


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