InciSioN – International Student Surgical Network

“InciSioN, the International Student Surgical Network, held a #SurgeryUHC campaign to highlight the importance of surgical and anesthesia care to achieve universal health coverage and Health for All. The campaign included both online and in-person activities. A widespread social media campaign led by InciSioN, its National Working Groups, and external organizations connected the surgical and wider global health communities through use of #SurgeryUHC.

  • Somaliland: A round table focused on the road to universal health coverage at the Amoud University in Borama that garnered some 80 participants.
  • Cameroon: A rural community outreach and health workforce sensitization and training in the district hospital of Djohong during which surgeons, doctors, and nurses were trained to identify surgical conditions presenting in patients, effectively and efficiently triage, and provide post-operative care.
  • Croatia: An evening symposium addressing the gaps in the Croatian health system and the potential to work collaboratively toward a UHC model in the country.
  • Rwanda: A surgical innovation hackathon and global surgery symposium focused on scaling access to low-cost, quality care, that attracted 118 and 196 participants, respectively.
  • Malaysia: A national essay competition for medical students focused on the high costs of surgical care and ways the government is changing the paradigm. Top-rated essays were sent to the Ministry of Health.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: A local round table on the road to UHC, attracting more than 100 medical students and local doctors.
  • Israel: Global Surgery Israel hosted its first global surgery symposium on the role of surgical and anesthesia care in Israel’s health system, attracting approximately 250 students, residents and doctors at the Tel Aviv University.